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Mortgage Loans Australia

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Mortgage Loans Australia is Australia`s leading non-aligned Home Loans resource affording you quick, trouble-free access to the most outstanding Home Loans quote comparisons, alternatives and information.

Mortgage Loans Australia acknowledges that you possibly have much more important things to spend your time on than spending it investigating Home Loans quote comparisons and options. So we aim to help do it for you. No charge and without risk to you. It takes only a couple of moments to complete our quick Mortgage Loans Australia quote assessment form for access to an extensive cross-section of the country`s leading and best known Home Loans specialists for the most reasonable Home Loans quotes and product advice

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Home Loans News

House price rise below expectations
Nov 20 :: Australian house prices edged higher in the September quarter, but by much less than economists expected.The official Bureau of Statistics index shows capital city… read more

RBA calms nerves with another rate cut
Jun 06 :: The Reserve Bank has moved to calm rattled households and non-mining sectors of the economy by shaving 25 basis points from the cash rate.The move takes the official… read more

ANZ last to move in cutting rates
May 18 :: ANZ Bank is the last of the big four banks to announce its move on interest rates this month, cutting its standard variable mortgage and small business interest rates by… read more

Wary buyers opt for fixed interest mortgages
Apr 04 :: Fixed mortgage rates hit a four year high and New South Wales continues to dominate the market, accounting for two out of five new mortgages in Australia.… read more

Study pours cold water on banks’ cost claims
Feb 25 :: New research by one of Europe’s biggest banks suggests that Australian banks are hiking interest rates to protect profit margins, not to cover higher funding costs as they… read more

Big bank bash continues in 2012
Jan 16 :: While Australian cricket’s Big Bash has been attracting attention, the far more regular big bank bash is already on again.Most major print and online business sections… read more

Banks launch bid to ease mortgage stress
Dec 06 :: Australia’s major banks are hoping to prevent increased levels of mortgage stress by launching a website to help borrowers avoid defaulting on their mortgage repayments…. read more

Interest rate cut to test mortgage exit fee ban
Nov 07 :: Yesterday’s decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to lower the official cash rate by 25 basis points to 4.5 per cent will provide the first real test of the Government’s… read more

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Mortgages, personal loans and credit cards – what the banks don’t want you to know about debt.
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The Truth Behind Payday Loans
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Co-Signing Loans – Risky Business
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    Equity: The amount of (or that portion of) an asset actually owned. Equity is the difference between the market value and the current amount of money still owing on the loan. This is also referred to as the owner’s interest.

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